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Anarchy is mounting in all spheres of Indian life because competitive Political Populism is conjuring up more rights at the expense of duties  By Naresh Minocha

A traffic roundabout in Sushant Lok-Phase III of Gurgaon city in Haryana is aptly named Harmony Chowk. Aptly because everyone in this area is in harmony with the citizen’s de facto right to do as one desires. 

Every person at Harmony Chowk, from the owner of a luxury car to a cyclist, seems hell bent on takinginnovative shortcuts, violating every traffic rule in the book. This Harmony Chowk syndrome of saying twohoots to the duty of complying with traffic rules is the apotheosis of the Indian ‘I’m-allright-Jack’ paradigm: theentire nation, now in the grip of an unprecedented “my rights” revolution fanned by politicians, judiciary, NGOsand the media, cares not a whit about the concept of “my duties”.

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