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                                                      Sharad Pawar Image Courtesy: NCP
The Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar or rather his Ministry has unintentionally substantiated the allegation that UPA top brass did not communicate effectively its achievements and this, in turn, has harmed its electoral prospects.
Before discussing Agriculture Ministry’s belated disclosure that justifies the charge of UPA leadership was uncommunicative, recall what Union Rural Development minister Jairam Ramesh recently stated while bemoaning that top Congress leaders (effectively UPA top brass) were found lacking in political communication. 
Mr. Ramesh reportedly told PTI on 4th May: “I always believed that one of the foundations of politics is communication and communication from the very top...by the ‘sherpas’ alone. So, political communication is very, very important but unfortunately we were found lacking.”
Last month, the prime minister's communications adviser, Pankaj Pachauri stated: “The government is working. Its achievements are not reaching you. As for the media, the priorities are different.”
And now consider the proof of UPA sherpas being uncommunicative.  Mr. Pawar/Agriculture Ministry sat on two major overseas communications hailing India’s achievements for more than two years. These should have been flaunted as global certification of India’s sterling attainments on the farm front under the UPA Government. The impact of communicating what reputed, independent entities say about the success is far more important than blowing one's own trumpet in the form of UPA's report to the people.   
The communications addressed to Mr. Pawar are actually two separate letters from the chiefs of UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) and Manlia-based International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). 
Both FAO and IRRI had lauded India’s exceptional success on the food production front achieved due to joint efforts of all stakeholders especially the Eastern region and small and marginal farmers. The Agriculture Ministry has only now made the two letters public when the Sun has already set on the UPA and the Lok Sabha polls are in the last leg. 
The notings on the letters show that the decision to make the letters public was taken on 30th April/1st May 2014. It is important to observe that the letters were written during the tenure of Mr. Pawar as President of International Cricket Council. Mr. Pawar has often been criticized for allegedly giving more priority to cricket administration than to his ministerial portfolio.
In a letter dated 2nd March 2012, FAO Director General stated: “I would like to congratulate your Government’s achievement last year in stabilizing food prices, improving public distribution of food grains for ensuring access to food and nutrition, but especially the achievement of exceeding, for the first time in history, 100 million tons of rice production and 250 million tons of food grains. These are remarkable accomplishments of India’s Central, State and local governments, and especially of your small and marginal farmers.
Particular gains in several Eastern States demonstrate the importance of government production programmes, infrastructure improvements, and supportive policies.”
Similarly, IRRI Director General, in a letter dated 23rd February 2012, stated: “We are thrilled to receive the information that the record rice harvest surpassing 100 million tons in India during Kharif 2011. I congratulate you and Indian agricultural officials and scientists for this remarkable achievement. This will have a very positive impact on regional and global food security.”  
The letter adds: “The most heartening aspect of increased rice production is the fact that a major contribution has come from eastern India, which is predominantly rainfed and stress-prone. The region was little affected by the first green revolution.”
If Pawar/Agriculture Ministry originally felt that it was not worthwhile to share international jubilation over good Indian news, then why it has now decided to put these letters in public domain (http://nfsm.gov.in/Circulars_Notifications/2014-15/FOODANDAGRICULTUREORGANIZATIONOFTHEUNITEDNATIONS.pdf)? 
Is it Mr. Pawar’s involvement in global cricket administration that made him overlook the importance of sharing the international recognition of Indian achievement with the public?  
     (Uploaded at http://nareshminochapolity.blogspot.in on 9th May 2014)                                          
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