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Municipal Corporation Faridabad (MCF) is eying new green standards that have not yet been mandated by the law of land. It wants prospective developer of waste water treatment and recycling project to embrace norms for such projects laid down by California, which is the global pioneer in pollution control.

MCF has conceived a project for recycling of water accumulated in the abandoned mining pits of Badhkal area, sewage treatment plants in MCF area and Gurgaon Canal water in Faridabad. The treated water would be marketed by project developer to industries and to other entities for irrigation.

MCF says that water should be treated in accordance with the norms laid down by Haryana State Pollution Control Board and “the California code of Regulations set by California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for the use without restriction for public open space irrigation, agricultural irrigation and industrial applications.”

MCF has, however, not specified the relevant California Code. A glance through  CDHP’s different codes suggest that the relevant code for MCF project should be ‘Title 17’ and ‘Title 22’ Code of Regulations relating to recycled water issued in January 2009. (ends)

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